Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fairy Party Invitation

Hello again friends!

So with a paper-crafting, shutterbug jumkie mama in the roost, birthdays are kind of a big deal at the Gehring household.  I start planning months in advance, create elaborate themes and invitations and really try to make the event a special celebration for each birthday princess.  In years past, we have tackled themes from Toy Story to Ballet, Teddy Bear Picnics to Kiddie Cruise Ins and many stops in between.

This year, Sophie has requested a fairy party.  (Keep in mind that she is only 4 and her birthday is not until September, so this could change....) Fairy party, I like, and moreover, I have the perfect stamp sets already in my stash!  Being of the mindset that it is never too early to start planning,  I created this little prototype:

The beautiful fairy silhouette is from The Craft's Meow Butterfly Kisses set.  I paired it with a dandelion seed stamp from Skipping Stones Dandelion Dreams set. I printed the invitation on white cardstock and stamped the images.  I carefully trimmed around the text box and matted the invitation to a piece of green cardstock.  The finished invitation size is 5x7 and with the exception of a small gem that I couldn't resist adding to the "i" in Sophie, it's completely flat and totally mail-able.

As for decor and food, I am thinking something along these lines:

I just love the butterflies and those bright saturated pinks, oranges, yellows and greens.

Then there is also this scrumptious fete:

That little party goer is certainly enjoying some tasty treat.  I an thinking of setting up a table and chairs for Sophie and her little girlfriends outside under our large pin oak tree.  The leaves will provide a nice canopy, and the branches are low enough that I can hang lanterns or pom-poms from them.

Of course, this is all months away (as I look out on the 8"+ of snow that blanketed our home this weekend), but in these dreary winter months, it is fun to look forward and plan for celebrations to come!

Have a splendid Wednesday, friends!  Thank you for stopping by!


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